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Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Review the Origin of the terms "Muscle Car"

1955 Chrysler C-300 hp as the America's most powerful car

The terms "muscle car" come from two words "muscle" and "car". "Muscle" means high performance and powerfull and "car" means automotive. That all I know from my understanding, how about you?. I think we will not waste time to understanding that by knowing only from the words form. We need further reference. 

Ok, First let't look at that terms from common dictionary wikipedia. At that web we know that the term muscle-car define as "Any of American made two-doors sport coupe with powerfull which designed for resuming high-engine performance". It also states that the car usually use V8 engine formation and rear wheel drive.

At the spesific page in wikipedia, stated that the definition of "muscle-car" (in a book which written by Peter Henshaw) as a product of American Car Industry which place a big engine in a small car. In adittion, Hanshaw wrote that muscle-car is a car designed for straight-line street. It has'n lithe body performance and enginering integrity that usually use in European high-performance car.

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