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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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Plymouth Road Runner Brief Overview and Photo Gallery

70 Road Runner Blue Right View Photo

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Blue Exterior Photo

If you remember the classic muscle car, surely you remember the Plymouth Road Runner. This muscle car is one of dozens of memorable muscle cars in the period 1960 to 1970. At first it was produced with a unique form of doors, and included in the luxury car line Belvedere or Satellite. Body weight and the engine is lighter when compared with the kinds of 'Cuda small. Some of the main attraction of this car as an alternative to muscle cars with performance and a lighter body that is more affordable prices. 

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible Yellow Exterior

Type of Plymouth Road Runner is a muscle car that has the advantage on the ground clearance is much better, and aerodynamic body that is taken into account. Not surprisingly, these muscle cars including the pride of the street racers because of its speed can exceed a police car. From the power of this car is too fragile and not able to pass the road-the road is not smooth though. Which became some of its competitors is the Dodge Charger, Plymouth Superbird, Daytona 500. 

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Green - Exterior Front Wheel View

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Green - Front View

Highland Park is a place where the initial idea came Roadrunner. After sales rose, Dodge Charger also issued a new version. Despite the popularity of Road Runner can not be separated from the cartoon-Coyote Duster. Cartoon story is able to raise the rating of sales petrified. Story of the cartoon Road Runner comes with a horn that goes with Beep Beep!. Another sign is displayed on the large rear spoiler.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Green Exterior View

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Green Right Side View Photo

Road Runner uses basic machine 383 with cam, intake, 440 super commando. These cars use a standard three-speed. The price offered for the 1968 Road Runner extra range of seven hundred and fourteen dollars. Machines used for the 1968-1969 edition is unmatched, but kind of Viper-10 426 hemi which proved enough to win the race on the road.

Plymouth Road Runner 1970 Photo

Plymouth Road Runner Red edittion 1970 - Front View
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