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Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Honda Civic Si 1999 - Brief Overview

1999 Honda Civic Si Coupe Red - Front Grill View Photo

Famous brands from Japan Honda has long been present in the world OTOMOTIV in some countries which are the target market. Honda including the one that get a very rapid growth in popularity, including in the United States. Honda sells cars to the masses at an affordable price and efficient fuel consumption.

1999 Honda Civic Si Interior Wheel Drive View - Cockpit

One variant is the Honda products Honda Civic Si. The car is a car belonging to the type who loved luxury sedan driving in the five-passenger cabin. Honda has been producing cars since 1974, then 1985 then 1995. Many people who want to experience driving a cheaper and affordable.

1999 Honda Civic Si Red - Front Angle View

1999 Honda Civic Si - Engine Components View Photo

In 1999, Honda Japan manufactures the Honda Civic Si type, which is a refinement of the Civic generation earlier. The advantage is with the engine valve timing is applied to the VTEC engine. Sedan car which is quite in character with the extract of a 26 mpg even on the test drive for driving in the city of the Civic Si sedan can achieve 31 mpg.

1999 Honda Civic Si Red - Front Low Angle Photo View

1999 Honda Civic Si Red with Black Strips - Left Side View

In some periods of production, Honda is known for its fuel economy with a fixed forward driving comfort. Honda How exactly do that?. Honda designed the valve timing and use a VTEC engine types obtained from the Civic del Sol 1.6 liter engine. The machine was using the throttle body larger, tuned intake manifold and cam profiles, all of that make Honda appear with high performance and a distinctive character on the stretch of the automotive market.

Honda Civic Si Blue 1999 Rear Left Spoiler View

Tracy Hyche's 1999 Honda Civic Si - Front Engine View
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