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Sunday, January 22, 2012

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1953 Chevrolet Corvette is the Earlier Generations of Corvette

The first time the production of the Chevrolet Corvette in 1953, which is an initial assessment of the market by producing as many as 300 units of cars. In the early market penetration, the Corvette is sold out. Corvette reached the end of the assembly in June 1953.

1953 Corvette - Muscle Car Classical Photo Collection

At fifteen the first production Corvette unit still produced manually by the automotive experts in the garage at Michigan Dlint. The next development of the Corvette was built in St. Louis, a place of production with a capacity of up to ten thousand units per year. Although only three hundred units are produced first, but of the 300 units are believed to still exist around 225 units to date and is still well preserved.

Chevrolet Covette 1953 Front Left View

The data we obtained that all generations of Corvette production in 1953 of all exterior paint color and white polo, while the interior is red with a black canvas on the top. 1953 Corvette generation there are two options offered by the heating system and search an AM radio signal. and generation of Corvettes 1953. The base price upon sale of the 1953 Corvette is three thousand four hundred ninety dollars more, including tax and shipping charges.

Chevrolet Covette at the first production

The first time the car is manufactured, the driving machine capable of producing combustion "blue flame" arising out of the six cylinders. Piston explosion is the result of the creation of Chevrolet engineering. At that time there are other features that do not want to share, namely Marques of General Motors even though a year later want to share with powerplants feature. The car's engine was later upgraded with a more radical engine equipped with dual valve springs, lifters on, and the cylinder high compression ratio is 8.0:1 which is a refinement of previous compression of 7.5:1. Another improvement is in the air with a carburetor that uses an aluminum manifold. The results of these revisions is able to increase the engine power to 150 bhp at the velocity of four thousand five hundred rpm.

First Corvette Production from GM Innovation A9A America

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