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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 A12 Overview

1969 Plymouth Road Runner 440 Front Grill View

Plymouth introduced the Road Runner engine type 440 Six Pack in February 1969 better known as the A12. Machines used for this car is quite powerful by using three carburetors, wheels and fiberglass typical naked. Style and appearance of the muscle cars are much better than that introduced by Warner. Even one of the media named Motor Trend dubbed with the title "Car of the Year" 1969.

1969 Plymouth RoadRunner 440 A12 - Engine Component View

1969 Plymouth RoadRunner 440 A12 - Front Right View

This car is offered at a cheaper price when compared to the generation HEMI Road Runner at the time. Despite lower prices, but the Plymouth Road Runner 440 Six Pack was still comparable with the HEMI Road Runner, because it is capable of producing 390 bhp. This species is also widely known as the upgrade of the intake system, body and body lines. It costs only about four hundred sixty two dollars so much cheaper than the HEMI Road Runner.

1969 Plymouth RoadRunner 440 A12 - Rear Right View

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Brown Right View

Machines used for the muscle car class with 446 other machines found in Mopars. One that makes this engine is more powerful is because the engine uses three double perforated carburetor throat and the engine uses an aluminum Edelbrock manifold 440 and the use of stem magnafluxed, valves and springs. Even more special is that its engine is only made ​​in 1969.

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Front Angle View

1969 ROADRUNNER 440 Blue with Black Strips

Regarding the speed of the car can reach 106.13 mph at 13.88 seconds and reach the quarter-mile distance. The price is four hundred sixty dollars more. Edition of the A12 is one of the most popular of this type of Plymouth. 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Production stopped after followed by the next issue of the type 615. automatic generation of 227, and four-speed manual from the series 338. As for some of the exterior colors are available at the time of White, Sunfire Yellow and Limelight as for interior side there are only two colors, namely black and white with the option of using vinyl.

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